Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Robin and The Kestrel

Mercedes Lackey continues her following of the Free Bards, wandering musicians that are closely aligned with gypsies within the twenty kingdom.
Robin and Kestrel have married, have a fine new wagon with excellent mares and are ready to travel the road.  Strife finds them almost immediately though, a compromised axle forcing a stay of several days within a permenant gypsy camp where they hear disturbing rumors.
Non-humans are no longer welcome within the kingdom, Free Bards find their usual places taken by the official bards as The Church is preaching against anything that might be construed as enjoyable.  Further travel finds the root of the evil in Westhaven.
Limited character development but an excellent essay on how when one small freedom is given up for the "good" of all it leads to more and more limitations within society.  I found it to be a thought provoking novel disguised as a fantasy.

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