Friday, April 5, 2013

Cloaked by Alix Flinn

Johnny works in his the family business, a shoe repair shop in South Beach.  Barely keeping the bills paid with his nose to the grindstone this high school student does not wish for much, just a bit of money to help his mama out.

Enter  one princess with tales of magic and a quest for Johnny to go in search of her brother who has been turned into a frog. 

A great combination of fairy tales in a modern setting.

*From the author of Beastly.

To Ride Pegasus b y Anne McCaffrey

Published in 1973 To Ride Pegasus is on the leading edge of Science Fiction Fantasy.  In a world of overcrowded cities psychic talent is used to keep things running smoothly. Either through precog to prevent disaster, telekinesis to move things, or a telepath to keep people from rioting, all have a place. 

As with any set of people that are set somewhat apart people not of their group will find fault.  Citizens, politicians, corporate entities, all want a piece of what they see as a lucrative pie.

Follow several main characters as they go about setting up a new way of looking at Talent while avoiding the pitfalls placed along the way.