Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey

Killasandra Ree has dedicated the last ten years of her life to music only to be told at her final audition that she will never be a star and will be regulated to singing in a supportive role.  Rather than sing in an auxilarary spot she packs her bags and leaves her student life behind.

She finds herself at the spaceport and hears the whine of the crystal drive on a drone.  This is noted by a visiting Crystal Singer who sweeps her up into a whirlwind of travel and luxury. When he falls ill she escorts him back to Ballybran from whence he came against the advice of the director of the music school who is livid when he learns of her plans.

Despite multiple warnings Killa signs on with Ballybran and changes her life forever. If she becomes a Crystal Singer she will live an extended life with plenty of credit to travel the universe.  If she fails at singing she will still live a very long life but will not be able to leave the planet.

The first in a triology McCaffrey as always does an excellent job of melding science fiction with fantasy.  Even after a fourth reading the writing is fresh and enjoyable.