Monday, February 15, 2016

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Sookie has definitely grown a pair and when it comes to a pissing contest she seems to be holding her own.  She learns more about her heritage, gets a bit of space from Eric to think, is offered a relationship by Bill and of course there is lots of drama. 
Every book I like her more as she struggles with her morals, being expedite in situations and still trying to do the right thing.  Seeing her grow in her self awareness is just what the series needed.  Looking forward to the final book in the series.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dead In The Family by Charlaine Harris

Eric's maker shows up and he and his "offspring" are a literal drain of emotional energy.  Claude moves in with Sookie which is puzzling to her but nice in a way.  Her cousin Hadley's son comes for a visit which is tiring in that 5 year old energy that must be watched all the time and oh yeah, he is a telepath too.

Fast paced, made me stay up late and get up early, one of the better Sookie books I have read.

The Last King of Texas by Rick Riordan

Tres Navarre is private eye that also happens to hold a Ph.D in English Literature which is all useful when a college professor is killed and he is asked to investigate.  Throw in the required bad guys, good guys and a mystery woman and a mystery is born.

The start is a bit rough, a little to much Spencerish settings but as the book goes on it grows and the last couple of chapters are really good which leave you willing to try another one.  After having read the young adult novels by Mr. Riordan I was not sure what I expected.  A bit more humor I think but not a bad read and I would be willing to try another one of his novels for adults.