Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blackveil by Kristan Britain

Karigan G'ladheaon is sent off to give messages to her father and time for a brief visit home.  While there she discovers much more about her family than she had previously known.  She is also given a message from an ancient Elt which she then "forgets" until the proper time.
The Elt's are going into Blackveil and King Zachary must send representatives with them if he wants to gather any information.  Karigan is chosen due to her experiences in Blackveil and her special ablilites.
There are lots of twist and turns in the book, several story lines and an unsatisfactory ending.  In the end little is wrapped up and you are left expecting much more. 
Hopefully Miss Britain is already at work on the next installment and will not take four years to send out her next work.

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