Saturday, December 31, 2011

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Will, Jem and Tessa are locked in a fight against the shadows of Mortiman and his army of spies and mechanical devices.  Tessa still has no idea of what exactly she is and how she has the powers that she posses, although they are handy on occasion.

Will is still trying to find the demon that cursed him with the assistance of Magnus Bane. Jem struggles with the addiction that is killing him but without rhe drug he will only die quickly and painfully.  Tessa runs into her brother Nate again and must decide how to deal with him.

Filled with action and intrigue Clockwork Prince leaves you slathering for more and on reading the final page you close the book with a thud and proclaim that the next installment must come quickly.

An enjoyable read, fast paced and just enough romance to keep things interesting, even for non-fans of romance.