Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Roman and Greek demigods are working together before Gaea, the Earth Mother can awaken.  It is a good thing as the gods are confused and are at war with themselves, struggling between their Greek and Roman aspects.

You know the drill, a quest, fights against giants, monsters, etc.  The best part though is the character development and the way things end for Nico made the book perfect. Pick it up and read it but of course it is better read in order of the series. ;)

Amber House by Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, and Larken Reed

Sarah Parsons has never visited her grandmother's home but upon the death of her mother's mother she does.  As with many good stories strange things begin to happen fairly soon.

Sarah "sees" things that have happened in the past, she is encouraged to "find the diamonds" and as always, there are two young men that seem to be after her.

A tale of despair, hope, paranormal events, and the fact that money does not solve everything. Very good reading enjoyable to the young adult reader and the older adult that still believes.

Mirror Sight by Kristen Britain

Karrigan G'ladeon, Green Rider, has a lot of strange things happen to her but this is the strangest.  Awakening in a vault which is being opened by a side show in her future.  Swallow that and you will have your taste buds set for a very strange tale indeed.

As with all time travel there is paradox but the way this is settled is very interesting.  Best of all Karrigan has some closure concerning a great many things on a personal level although in the end she has another great loss and sadness.

If this ends the tales of The Green Riders it is in a place that as a reader I am okay with it ending although I would hope that Kristen Britain continues to follow Karrigan as she rides for the King.

Dark Souls by Paula Morris

Another book that I have been remiss in reviewing.  Not exactly a ghost story but it has a nice paranormal feel to it that moves the story along very well.  A bit of mystery, danger, adventure on the side, it was an entertaining novel that makes me want to find other novels by the same author.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Magisterium The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

From the authors of the Spiderwick Chronicles and the Mortal Instruments comes a new series.

Fantasy readers will love this fast paced series that is filled with intrigue, magic, second guesses, and a hero with faults.

Geared a bit more towards the younger Young Adult crowd it is still pleasing to this adult.  A halfway orphan, misunderstood by all, powerful, evil powers lurking in the background, a friendly wolf with issues, you know, all the good stuff. :)

This is the fist of a proposed five books so if you have a fantasy reader buy it now so you have something to buy later.

Poison by Ed McBain

Life in the 87th is never dull.  When Carella and Willis catch a murder involving nicotine poisoning things get even a little more interesting.  Then when a potential suspect makes a play for Willis things get complicated.

Fast paced, just enough complicated, and bare bones makes for an interesting read.  I will admit I wanted to just shake Willis a couple of times and there were pages that I wanted to skip because they were disturbing because they really could happen that way.

Not having read one of the series in a long time I was glad to see that the 87th will still make you think.