Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Murder in Three Acts by Agatha Christie

A vicar is murdered, by poison, during a cocktail party.  Then months later another murder occurs with some of the same people present.  The third act of the murder stars Hercule Poriot and once he enters the stage things get interesting.

If you pay attention on this one you can figure it out before the end, an usual feature in a Christie novel.  Very enjoyable read.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The jShadowhunters Codex by Cassandra Claire and Joshua Lewis

If you are a new Shadowhunter and had just Ascended then this might be the book you need.  Basic information for the new Shadowhunter with little sidebars written by Simon Lewis, Clary Fairchild and of course Jace.

The main thing is the sidebars by Simon are funny. Plenty of drawings by Clary and Jace is just a little to serious at times.   Enjoyable read that gives some background information.  At times your realize how hidebound the Clave is but at least they admit it, kind of, maybe, sorta......

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Scottish Prisioner by Diana Galbadon

As Mrs. Galbadon states on her website, this is one of the "little" book in between the "great big books".  If you have read the Outlander series this story fills in a few things, if not it is a stand alone novel.
Lord John Grey needs the help of Jamie Fraser, aka Alex Mackenzie, to investigate part of the evidence of a court martial.  Things are never quite that simple of course but it does get the story rolling.
Filled with intrigue, plots, counterplots, spies, a sprinkling of Jacobites and several ah-ha moments.
Very enjoyable read which I highly recommend.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

 A very enjoyable book that brings several themes to the forefront.  Even if you are a descendent of an angel you are not always a good and righteous person.  Love does not solve all problems, at times it creates larger ones.  Prejudice at some level is always present, be it the conditions of a person's birth, mental state, choice of life partner.  The bonds of family can be so strong that logical thinking is impaired.   There is a reason that young people need adults around to temper emotions.
My only fault is it just ended.  Ms. Clare had best be working hard on the next installment.

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Unguet Grave by Sharyn McCrumb

Based upon the tale of the Greenbrier Ghost of West Virginia the tale focuses on the murder or a young newlywed woman from the point of view of her mother and an attorney that helped with the defense.  An excellent meshing of different times, people of a variety of social classes, economics and race relations.

As always well written with a nice little twist at the end which will change your entire view of the way the murder was discovered.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Magnus Chase - The Ship of the Dead

Book Three featuring Magnus Chase finds him basically killing himself over and over at the behest of Percy Jackson.  Luckily for Magnus, the pain is only for a bit until he wakes up again in Valhalla whole and complete.  Unfortunately, he will not have that option once he takes off on his quest to stop the Ship of the Dead.

Loki is trying to free the Ship of the Dead so he can go ahead and get started with destroying the Nine Worlds.  It is up to Magnus and his favorite Valkyrie, Dwarf, Elf and his einjerjar buddies to stop him before it is all to late and Ragnarok  begins.

Filled with Nordic mythology, a bit of mystery and plenty of adventure.   There is a little surprise relationship that develops that is very unique and made me stop and think but I really like the twist and am interested in where it will go.

Monday, October 30, 2017

A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony

The first Xanth novel introduces the reader to a land filled with magic and puns.  Bink has no obvious magic and so must leave Xanth and go to live in Mundania.
One thing after another just barely saves him from a series for terrible magical incidents, from slightly painful incidents that cause a little physical discomfort to some that cause acute embarrassment. 
Into Mundania he goes, followed quickly by the smartest yet ugliest woman ever!  They are both captured by Evil Magician Trent, who was exiled many years previously.  Somehow they end up back in Xanth and from there you just have to go and have a magical adventure.