Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mare in the Meadow

This is an Animal Ark book, 4th grade reading level, a nice chapter book for the reader moving up to that level.

Set around a vet clinic in England the main focus is the problem of how to get someone to ride a horse for a lady in the neighboring community.  There is also a new nurse in the office, a lost bunny and a girl that watches them ride but will not admit that she loves horses.

Characters are not developed very much and the writing is average but the focus of the Animal Ark series seems to be about getting children to read and enjoy it more than anything else.


  1. Why are you doing this at 3:26am instead of sleeping?

  2. It was actually 6:26, the time is wrong. Of course I am quite often up reading or writing in the middle of the night. Sleep is boring.