Monday, March 7, 2011

Foundation (Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles Book 1 by Mercedes Lackey

For fans of Valdemar, lovers of Companions and ones that dream of being Chosen this story line might make you think twice about your desires.  Even though we always like to think that he ones in charge know what they are doing life does not work that way and even creatures such as Companions and their Chosen do make mistakes.
I really enjoyed this book with a different time setting and characters I did not know. Mags takes ignorance of the world and gains a completely new outlook. I especially enjoyed the problems that were being faced in Haven with the numbers of new Chosen coming to the city. Everything in Valdemar is not always joy and happiness.
Book Two Intrigues picks up where Foundation leaves off so there is more to the story of Mags and Dallen.

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