Sunday, August 30, 2015

Witchlight by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Winter Musgrave knows something is wrong but has no idea how she got to where she is or why she is there. The dead animals, open doors, and the fear of outside just add to the stress of the mystery.  She finally ventures out and gets help from Truth Jourdemayne and learns more about her past than expected but there are still many blank spots.

Her journey to sort out her past also takes her on a journey to find herself and her strength. 

Witchlight follows the mystical theme often seen in books of the late 80s early 90s which is refreshing change from many current books.  Read and enjoy.

The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon

1771 Carolina mountains is a lovely place to be. 1771 Carolina mountains is a harsh place to live.  The Fraser clan is carving out a living and a life with joy and tragedy mixed in in equal parts.

To tell more may give away to much of the story but read it and immerse yourself into the life of pioneers with a partial knowledge of what is to come.  Even people isolated from others are affected by the politics of the people in power, something we should never forget.

FYI Roger is still my favorite.

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

Sookie is finding Bill distant, then he leaves on a mysterious trip.  Naturally that is just the start of a lot more drama.  Eric tries to make a move, Bubba is a major player, thank you, thank you very much, and Alcide enters her life. 

Sookie has started to look out for herself and tries not to depend on others to take care of her. Best of all she is a lot stronger in how she lets others treat her. 

Funny and fast paced.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dead in Dalls by Charlaine Harris

Sookie is sent to Dallas by Eric to investigate a missing vampire.  Of course things do not go well.  Upon arriving back in Bon Temps she helps the Belfleurs, again, a bit more excitement than you would want on a nice evening out with associates.
Eric is "Da Man", speaks sarcasm with ease, and has a wonderful vibe to him.  Sookie is much smarter than in True Blood and Bill still irritates, pretty much like people you know. :)
A great escape book that is funny more often than not with just enough danger to make it all move right along.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Read this a long time ago then recently watched True Blood.  Rereads can be very revealing.  I like Sookie better in the books, she is not stupid there like in the series.  Being a telepath sounds neat until you think of all the weird and random stuff you think of all day long.  If nothing else it makes you think about thinking. :)

Bill Compton, vampire, still gets on my nerves.  Eric Northman is still the man and Jason Stackhouse remains stupid. 

The idea of calm and quiet is appealing so I can see why Sookie likes Bill but the idea of having a relationship with someone that wants to feed off of you is just beyond my comprehension.

Overall it is a fun, light read with enough action and drama to move things right along.  There are also aspects that will make you think and reflect upon human behaviors and how people react to ones that are different from them.