Monday, July 3, 2017

Deadly Forcast by Victoria Laurie

Abby and Dutch are coming up to their wedding day.  A bombing case comes into their FBI office and although Abby's crew has told her to stay away she does not listen.

Abby soon gets the feeling that Dutch will die and it is going to be her fault.  Add this stress to the stress of a wedding, a house being finished and working a high profile case and things are not going well.

One chapter leads up tot he wedding, the next chapter deals with the two hours approaching the wedding and features M.J. Holliday and Gill from the Ghost Hunters series.  M.J. also featured in one of the earlier Abby Cooper novels. 

The story line is good but Abby got on my nerves with her passive aggressive behavior.  Why her sister Cat does anything for her I have no idea and why Dutch would put up with some of her behavior I also do not understand.  If this was the first in the series I had read I would stop but I will hold out hope the next one will be a bit better.

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