Monday, January 21, 2013

Divergnet by Veronica Roth

A world broken into factions with each faction having a role in society.  At sixteen youth are tested through a mind simulation and the results give them the best choice for their life choice.  At that point they either remain in their faction or leave it and their families forever.

Beatrice is Abenegation, the quiet, self-less faction that runs the goverment and puts others first.  She must chose between Candor, who see things as black or white and do not lie, Erudite who live to learn, Amity that just want to be peaceful and are in charge of farming and food, or Dauntless who show no fear and protect their world.

The problem, Beatrice gets a divergent result, no clear choice is made, this is dangerous.  She choses Dauntless because she knows she is not selfless, she is willing to lie, does not love to learn, would smoother with the thought of being peaceful, and most of all she is draw to the danger of Dauntless.

Distopian novels are dark but they also offer hope. Ms. Roth has done an excellent job of combing the aspects of a superior novel.  It is the type of novel that invades your thoughts and sometimes your dreams.

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