Monday, January 14, 2013

Bliss by Lauren Myracle

1969, Charles Manson and his Family are on trial for horrific murders, hippies live in communes and groups away from society and sometimes families are torn apart by the social changes.

Bliss is sent away from her happy place with her family who lives with a group of like minded others in Canada, away from the threat of the draft for Vietnam.  She arrives in Atlanta to live with her grandmother in what seems to be a different world. 

Coming from tolerance and acceptance she is now in an exclusive private school that has the few token scholarship students with the rest making plans for debutante balls and other like events.

There is one other little thing, Bliss "hears" a voice that propels her to open a locked door.  This opens more than a physical barrier. 

Narration from the point to view of Bliss interjected with diary entries, Andy Griffith show quotes and transcripts from the Manson trial keeps things moving right along.  A bit of mystery, a lot of coming of age and a dash of otherworld powers keep you turning pages until the end.

I really enjoyed the book

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