Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Into the Darkness by Barbara Michaels

Meg comes home to the family estate for the funeral of her beloved grandfather.  She needs to just settle a couple of things and then will be back to her life in New York.

The reading of the will changes everything. In addition to the expected stocks, bonds and money she is also left a half partnership in the jewlery establishment that was her grandfather's pride and joy.  The larger issue is the partner is an unknown quantity that even after three years in a small town has managed to remain a mystery.

Potential stolen jewels. a lawyer overstepping his bounds, an uncle, grandmother, cousin and even the housekeeper in her business and Meg is about to go crazy before she even meets with her new partner.

A bit of romance, an infusion of mystery and just enough romantic comedy to keep things flowing.  A good read that does not require to much concentration.

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