Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dragonwings Lawrence Yep

To get the summary of the book you can go to any book site, if you want to know the feeling of the book, keep reading.

I have had this Newberry Honor Book since 2007, pretty sure I bought it at a school book fair.   I finally decide to read it after moving classrooms twice and finally just bringing the books home.   Now I wonder why I took so long to begin.

Excellent, impressive book that will make you smile, make you think, and make you a bit sad.  It is a story of hope, struggle, family, and finding a place.  The struggles of Chinese in California in the early 1900's is something that I had never really thought about, I now want to know more.  The seperation of a family for many, many years I can not imagine but that is exactly what many families did then and still do today in the struggle for a better life.

This is a story written from the viewpoint of a boy who beccomes a man very quickly so even though it is written for children and the teen set it is a story for all ages, as all really good stories are.

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