Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Read this a long time ago then recently watched True Blood.  Rereads can be very revealing.  I like Sookie better in the books, she is not stupid there like in the series.  Being a telepath sounds neat until you think of all the weird and random stuff you think of all day long.  If nothing else it makes you think about thinking. :)

Bill Compton, vampire, still gets on my nerves.  Eric Northman is still the man and Jason Stackhouse remains stupid. 

The idea of calm and quiet is appealing so I can see why Sookie likes Bill but the idea of having a relationship with someone that wants to feed off of you is just beyond my comprehension.

Overall it is a fun, light read with enough action and drama to move things right along.  There are also aspects that will make you think and reflect upon human behaviors and how people react to ones that are different from them.

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