Sunday, November 24, 2013

Air Apparent by Piers Anthony

Wira and Hugo are ready to summon the stork but Hugo never comes back from the wine cellar where he went to get a bottle to celebrate.  In his place is what appears to be a dead body.  A mystery!

This would be easy to solve except Magician Humphrey's Book of Answers is scrambled.  A quest is in order!

Filled with the usual puns the story drags at times then picks up and drags again.  I am not a fan of all the worlds of Ida and they play a major part.

The Adult Conspiracy plays a major role but in this I find it has a bit of a molester feel which was very off putting.  Innocent is not always innocent and this is something that creeps into Anthony's writing in other books also.   If not for this it would be a typical enjoyable Xanth novel.

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