Sunday, May 19, 2013

Reserved For the Cat by Mercedes Lackey

Ninette Dupond is the daughter of a very poor Parisian mother.  Her mother has made sure that Ninette has received training in dance in the hopes that one day, when she is old enough, she will attract the eye of sponsor.  It is known that she will be expected to return certain favors but better to have an understanding with a gentleman then be forced to work the streets.

After her mother dies things are tough but Ninette is dedicated to her dance and makes it by with just a bit of luck.  Of course good luck is followed by bad and when a patron notices her the dancer that claims that patron ensures that Ninette is jobless, which will also mean homeless within just a few days.

Then things get interesting. Her cat talks to her, gives her a purse of money, and instructions on how to get to England. 

To tell more gives to much away but be assured that if you like Historical Fantasy this book will meet your needs.

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