Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gatekeepers by Robert Liparulo

Book 3 in the Dreamhouse Kings series

Life is a bit fast paced and dramatic for the King family.  In the space of a week they have moved from Los Angeles to northern California, found a house that is a bit creepy and strange, discovered things about the house, and had their mother stolen by a giant of a man.  That would be Book 1.

Book 2 brings a bully, a strange guy causing problems, visits to other times through rooms of the house, searching for their mother, family dynamics drama, and just general mayhem.  You need to know that to understand book 3, they really need to be read in order.

Book 3 still has David as the main character but we learn more about Toria also.  Xander fills the role of big brother very well and makes some good decisions and some that are questionable but that is what being fifteen is about. 

As progress is being made on finding their mother David and Xander go through a portal which takes them to the Civil War where they meet General Grant and it is not a good meeting.  The police come and haul their father off to jail thanks to the resident bad guy. Toria becomes invovled and helps to fight off the beastly men.  Then there is Jesse, just who is he and what role does he play?

The story moves quickly and each chapter has a time stamp which is pretty neat. If it takes you four minutes to read the chapter that is about the amount of time that passes in that chapter.   Just another nice touch by the author.

The story does not end with Gatekeepers, off to search for the next installment.

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